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External and internal laboratory customers

Non-commercial laboratories very often only deliver their services to the company of which they are part of. They deal with internal customers like production, R&D, quality department and sales. This type of laboratory also has regular contact with customers, for example in case of quality related customer complaints.Managing the (internal) customers, towards delivering the agreed service in time and with the highest degree of quality, is experienced as a big challenge by many laboratories. The challenge only grows after the decision has been made to also take on external customers, to strengthen the financial justification of the laboratory organisation. The acquisition and retention of external customers is even more important for commercial laboratories. The acquisition of new customers is not an easy task especially in the current economical conditions. New marketing and acquisition strategies are necessary to be able to attract new customers.
Common issues with Customer Management

  • Inadequate agreements between lab and customers
  • Insufficient knowledge of the reasoning behind certain requests for analyses. How meaningful are certain analyses?
  • Insufficient communication between lab and customers
  • Added value of the laboratory not recognized by the (internal) customers
  • Missing strategy for acquiring new customers
  • Limited knowledge of account management towards retention and increase of turnover at existing customers
  • Commercial tasks executed by poorly commercial-educated lab technicians
  • Limited marketing efforts to increase the awareness with customers of the service portfolio of the lab
LUFC LabConsultants can advise and support your laboratory with a refreshing new way to effectively manage your internal and external customers.

How can LUFC help improve Customer Management

  • Identify and solve bottle necks in the customer communication, customer service agreements and current internal customer testing activities  (Laboratory Scan)
  • Re-align the laboratory activities with the testing- and information needs of the internal customers (Smart Laboratory)
  • Setup of marketing and sales activities including the use of social media
  • Commercial training for laboratory technicians, executed by commercial laboratory consultants
  • Sales and marketing coaching “on the job”

We bridge the gap between laboratory and customers

Are you interested in our Customer Management services or would you like to discuss the possibilities for your laboratory, contact  LUFC LabConsultants via e-mail: or call us at tel: +31 492 849450

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