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LUFC LabConsultants

LUFC LabConsultants consists of a group of experienced independent laboratory and quality consultants. These consultants supports your laboratory with all-round expertise on all laboratory processes and quality management.

The LUFC consultants are available to assist you with the optimization of your laboratory processes. This could be targeted towards efficiency and workflow enhancement, but could also consist of support on the setup or optimization of your analytical methods and data handling.

LUFC LabConsultants gives your laboratory one source of highly experienced independent laboratory and quality consultants.

LUFC LabConsultants consortium is setup to provide vendor-neutral advise and support to the laboratory.  Achieving the best solution for your laboratory is key. To warrant its independence, LUFC LabConsultants will not sell laboratory equipment or laboratory software.

The main services that are offered by LUFC LabConsultants:

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