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Smart Laboratory – Connected to Business Goals and Objectives

… Add value to products & services and enhances business result …

An “Agile Enterprise” is a fast moving, adaptable and robust business. It is capable of rapid adaptation in response to unexpected and unpredicted changes and events, market opportunities, and customer requirements.An Agile Laboratory is well connected and in-line with the demands and requirements of the business it is supporting. It adds significant proven value to the products, services and business result of the enterprise. For this reason the enterprise is committed to invest in the laboratory to bring (or keep) it on the necessary quality and capacity level needed for it to continue adding the recognized added value.This must sound like music to your ears! Unfortunately, for many laboratories, the real situation is very different.
During the last decennium and even more in the current time, laboratories have become more and more disconnected from the business that they are supporting. Upper management is often unaware of the activities and added value of the laboratory and in some cases the lab is even perceived as a “necessary evil” that only cost money and doesn’t add value to the company.  Consequently the laboratory (QA/QC departments) very often stand last in line when budgets are divided among the departments. What happens next is that the QA/QC departments are hit even harder during times of crises/restructuring, budgets for people and equipment are cut down to a marginal level, making it almost impossible to operate a lab on an acceptable quality level. People get frustrated and seek employment elsewhere and are often not replaced, adding even more to the problem. The level of (quality) support the laboratory is able to supply goes down, contributing to diminishing the perceived value of the lab even more…..The downward spiral starts spinning even faster, combined with negative “Finger Pointing” between QA/QC departments and upper management.This seems like a very negative scenario, however the many reactions on the Linkedin Poll, that was started recently, show this to be a very real problem in various types of laboratories around the world. How can we make sure that the laboratory will become acknowledged as a valuable asset of the modern (Agile) Enterprise?
You recognize the situation and would like to change it for the better. However you don’t have the time, people & budget to do something about it. You think the only feasible choice is to adapt to the situation and hang on until….This is a scenario that is heard very often. Many laboratories are spinning in this “vicious circle” with “no-time, no people, no-budget, limited added value, no-innovation and no-future?”
We could ask ourselves whether there is a future for many laboratories incase they are not able to break this “vicious circle” and become a (acknowledged) valuable asset to the enterprise that they are part of.LUFC LabConsultants is committed to help laboratories around the world to brake this vicious circle and reconnect them to the business.

How can we achieve this?

The laboratory needs to increase its (acknowledged) value for the business in order to gradually change the perception of its role in business performance.In most cases  laboratories & business need outside expert help to start a constructive communication and mutual willingness to change & strengthen the cooperation. For this to be successful, outside experts are needed with both laboratory and business background.LUFC LabConsultants consists of highly experienced laboratory, quality and business consultants. We understand both business requirements and laboratory operations.We can help the laboratory realize and strengthen their added value and rebuild bridges between the QA/QC department and the business & upper management. Depending on the exact situation at your laboratory we use tools like Laboratory Scan,  LabInfoScan and Efficiency & Workflow optimization.

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