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Selection and Implementation of Laboratory Software & Hardware

How do I make the best decision for my laboratory?

Did you ever spend a large amount of money on a new instrument or a new software solution, and came to conclusion that the instrument or software did not meet your expectations?

Have the features and benefits of these instruments or software solutions been exaggerated by the vendor(s)?

Did the user requirements ever change in a late state of the proces or even after the purchase, so that the chosen solution did not fit anymore?

Did you ever go through a complete selection process with a vendor(s) to find that  the budget was cancelled in a late stage of the process?

Did your laboratory ever experience an implementation of a LIMS or similar software that was not completed successfully or even cancelled?

Is the answer on one or more of these questions YES, or are you not sure?

In that case it may be worthwhile to involve a Vendor-Independent-Laboratory-Investment-Specialist during your current or next laboratory-investment project.

LUFC LabConsultants supports you with the following steps in the selection process:

  • Determine the current and desired workflow.
  • Determine the bottlenecks in the workflow and find possible solutions to improve the workflow and increase efficiency.
  • Build u justification for an investment in manpower, hardware and/or software solutions.
  • Writing a URS (User Requirements Specification) for a new instrument and/or a new software solution (For example a LIMS or ELN).
  • Guide the internal processes to come to a well-founded investment plan.
  • Approach suitable vendors and gather the necessary technical documentation to start the “Vendor- and Software Selection“.
  • Determine the short list of suitable products & vendors.
  • Determine the content of the demonstrations by the short-list vendors.
  • Evaluate the demonstrations and rate the vendor & products.
  • Commercial and technical contract negotiations with the 2 best vendors.
  • Report to the management to provide the input to make the decision for the best product for the laboratory.
  • Project Management during implementation (optional).

The action plan above is only an example. Depending on the nature of the project, steps could be added or left out.

In case you want to discuss what LUFC LabConsultants could do to support your next selection and purchase project, let us know by e-mail to: